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mophie Power Capsule

Compact travel case will keep your wireless headphones charged and ready to go.

Known for their mobile accessories and power banks, mophie introduces the Power Capsule, a carrying case with built-in charging capabilities. The launch of the mophie Power Capsule is well-timed, as Apple moves away from the traditional 3.5mm audio jack to Lighting-connected headphones or wireless headphones.

The compact Power Capsule will keep wireless in-ear headphones, fitness trackers, or other small wearable charged and protected while safely packed away, so they can be ready for your next workout or adventure. With a built-in
1,400mAh battery, it can juice up your wireless in-ear headphones up to eight times, while the case supports pass-through charging so that it will charge your device first before fueling up the case’s batteries. With easy to read LED indicator lights on the underside of the case, you shouldn’t have any issues knowing how much battery you have and when to charge.