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Experience The Awe-Inspiring Lunar Cycle With MOONDIAL – The Authentic Lunar Globe

Deepen your connection with the Cosmos with the MOONDIAL – Lunar Phase Lamp.

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For astronomy enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature, MOONDIAL is the perfect addition to your home. MOONDIAL is an authentic lunar globe that displays the Moon’s phase in real-time, thanks to data obtained from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This exceptionally detailed moon model was three-dimensionally generated, and a patent-pending lighting system was designed to perpetually project the lunar cycle in a precise and stunning fashion.

MOONDIAL is an astronomically accurate 1:23 million scale model of the Moon, featuring all the mountains, craters, and magma in sharp relief. The revolving lighting system is synced to the lunar month of 29.53 days, recreating the orbital interactions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The dimmable white LED allows you to set your preferred brightness level, and the MOONDIAL comes with an anti-reflective coating on the moon model with a matte black finish on the housing to enhance luminance and visibility in various lighting conditions.

The MOONDIAL is perfect for anyone fascinated with astronomy, science, or design. This awe-inspiring lunar cycle display is a conversation starter, elevating piece of decor, or educational tool that will pique the interest of all. The MOONDIAL is designed for uncomplicated operation and long-lasting effect, with a white LED and dimmer knob for brightness control and an adjustment wheel to set the current lunar phase.

The MOONDIAL’s housing is constructed with injection-molded plastic, lending superior strength and durability while minimizing material waste. An adjustable lunar phase movement regulated by a quartz oscillator provides precise and reliable timekeeping abilities, while the LED lighting system enables low power consumption along with an extended working life of 50,000+ hours.

This MOONDIAL has been several years in the making and is constructed using high-resolution additive manufacturing techniques with recyclable, biodegradable plastic that goes easy on the environment. Extensive testing has been performed on the initial prototype, and quality control measures will continue to be performed in partnership with manufacturing teams.

Get ready to bring the magic of the Moon home and deepen your connection with the cosmos. MOONDIAL is now available for purchase on Kickstarter, starting at $51 with early bird specials and exclusive VIP rewards. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the awe-inspiring lunar cycle in a distinct and appealing form.

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