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Monogram Creative Console

Streamline Photo And Video Editing With The Monogram Creative Console

A set of modular USB accessories add tactile controls for creative apps.

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Being a digital creator has never been easier. As more and more programs come out, individuals can create all kinds of products, from songs to videos to photos. However, while software has made great strides in the last couple of decades, hardware is sorely lagging. One can build worlds and universes on the computer, but they still have to use a mouse to get the job done. Or do they? The Monogram Creative Console aims to transform the creative world with a modular take on editing hardware. Best of all, because it is modular, creators can mix and match functions to accommodate their workflow. This ability to swap pieces transfers between programs as well, meaning that someone could switch from video to sound editing and just rearrange the placement of each module.

Monogram has created the Console to sync perfectly with all editing software. From photos and videos to music and DJ systems, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. Creators can trade in the boring right and left-click buttons and get a fully customizable system that adjusts to the user’s needs. Some modules can replicate a touchpad, giving the user more capability when moving the cursor. Other modules offer tactile buttons and switches that can be connected to single actions. It is a lot like building hotkeys on the keyboard, except it is much more user-friendly. Creativity has never felt better.

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