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Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks

Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks

Made from six different types of wood, these LEGO-like bricks are much more than just a toy.

LEGO has garnered a solid fan base that is made up of children and adults alike. Not only do these tiny plastic bricks offer an endless amount of playtime that is only limited by your imagination, its educational value in child development has been highlighted many times. The colorful plastic bricks are delightful in their own way, but a Japanese company has injected a bit of nature into the way we play with bricks.

The Mokulock wooden building blocks are made from six types of solid wood that can interlock just like our favorite toys from Denmark. The subtle difference in color and texture between Japanese Cherry, Japanese Zelkova, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Birch, Hornbeam, and Maple is pleasing to the eyes and also safe as it does not use glue, finishing oil, chemicals, or paint. It’s precision crafted blocks only come in the most basic shapes, compared to the incredibly diverse LEGO bricks, but the blocky shapes should do more to fuel the imagination than the highly delicate pieces that LEGO has started to offer in recent years.

The Mokulock demands a higher price tag compared to its plastic Danish cousins, but the natural material and careful craftsmanship make the Mokulock very special.