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Legacy Power Wagon

Glorious beast fit for a gentleman.

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$185,000 +

From an early age, men develop a certain relationships with trucks; from Tonka trucks to Ford F-150 that sell by the millions, our love affair with trucks seem like it will never end. Powerful work horses that seems to embody everything that is rugged and tough, these trucks are a manifestation of the endless possibilities that the American frontier had offered.

With pickup trucks becoming the most profitable market in the automotive industry, it’s sad to see modern trucks turned into nothing more than appliances, with uninspired design and questionable build quality. Legacy Classic Trucks located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming seeks to inject hand crafted quality and the feeling of romance we had once felt, back into our truck landscape. Rugged and beautiful, the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion retains the shape of classic Dodge trucks it’s based on, but upgrades its powertrain and various components to make it a serious truck for any gentleman.

This glorious beast doesn’t come cheap though, with a base price of $185,000 USD. Add various customization options and you will be looking at a sticker price that is way over $200,000. However, for any serious collector of unique automobiles, the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion offers a unique opportunity to reignite the adolescent fascination with trucks we all have.