Mobile Phone Jail Cell

Sentence Your Phone To A Few Hours In The Slammer

Take a time out from notifications, calls, and other unwelcome distractions with the Mobile Phone Jail Cell.

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$ 10

Quick! Put that cell phone down. Okay, if you’re reading this on a phone don’t, but if you’re like most of us you probably have a bit of a smartphone addiction. It’s okay to admit it – that’s the first step towards recovery. All jokes aside, we all probably spend more time on our phones than necessary. The Mobile Phone Jail Cell aims to help fix that. It is a literal jail cell designed to hold your phone. With the separators on the base, you can easily slide in up to six cell phones and lock them up.

If you find you and your family struggling to stay off your phones during dinner time this can be a great item to keep handy. Or maybe you have a party with friends and you want to keep people engaged with one another and off of their phones. Whatever the reason, this mobile phone jail is perfect.