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Moat’s Corner by Vibe Design Group

Moat’s Corner by Vibe Design Group

This historic yet decidedly modern home in Melbourne embraces nature in all of her seen and unseen glory.

Moat’s Corner redefines tranquility in the form of an interactive haven that embraces the energy found in its natural surroundings and carefully selected building materials. The home is located in Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula where history allowed a gardener to begin cultivating and collecting an array of flora. The result is a home on a uniquely rural property that embraces nature in all of her seen and unseen glory.

From the outside, Moat’s Corner is insulated with black panels and expansive dual glass cladding. From the inside, however, residents can look out on a landscape filled with intrigue and interactions. The duality of the home’s ability to simultaneously possess and stand apart from its natural surroundings is mirrored through its use of mixed materials. Raw galvanized steel, natural stone, and contrasting colors provide a dynamic feel that is perfectly balanced with minimal ornamentation.

Despite the panoramic views, privacy is maintained throughout the home, especially in the guest wing, which features an outlook to the pool and rural paddocks where cattle continue to graze.