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Micro Black Ice Snowpack Scooter

The Micro Black Ice is the perfect marriage between scooter and snowboard.

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With the white powdered slopes desperately calling out you name, it’s finally time to open your storage and fetch your winter sports gear. Now that you’ve put some milage on your ski and/or snowboard, the urge for a new kind of stimulation might slowly start to brew inside you, a sign that suggests it might be time to explore a new way to carve up the slopes. What if you could combine the fantastic exhilaration of snowboarding with the freedom and control of a scooter?

The Micro Black Ice is a scooter for the snow. It looks a lot like the kick scooters enjoyed by the kids in your neighborhood, without the wheels. The handlebar should make it easier for novice snowboarders or skiers to control direction and manage speed compared to snowboarding or skiing. For advanced winter sports enthusiasts, this offers a new way to explore your limits and enjoy the slopes in a whole new way. Another upside is that since there are no bindings, it can be ridden even in hiking boots, making it a lot easier to walk around the ski resort when not on the Black Ice.

Available for $800 USD, the added security and stability of having a handle bar should attract more people to the Micro Black Ice.