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'Michele Bönan: Signature Details'

‘Michele Bönan: Signature Details’ – Capturing The Essence Of Italian Lifestyle And Design

As an architect and interior designer, Bönan has reimagined Italian lifestyle and design.

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Michele Bönan, an acclaimed architect and interior designer, has mastered the art of translating the Italian lifestyle into captivating interior spaces with a cosmopolitan twist. Renowned for his ability to craft refined and timeless environments using unconventional yet exquisite materials, Bönan’s work stands as a testament to his unique vision on both the national and international stage.

Assouline’s Michele Bönan: Signature Details, a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, unveils Bönan’s latest projects that span the globe from Milan to Paris, London to Forte Dei Marmi. This compilation of exclusive interiors underscores Bönan’s hallmark interior concepts, which are deeply rooted in his reverence for heritage, a spirit of innovation, and his cherished hometown, Florence.

Tod’s chairman Diego Della Valle eloquently introduces this edition, setting the stage for an artistic journey narrated by the esteemed art connoisseur Cesare Cunaccia. The volume’s richness is further enhanced by an in-depth Q&A with Michele Bönan himself, offering readers a personal glimpse into his creative process. Original photography by Massimo Listri brings the interiors to life, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the designer’s vision.

Comprising 340 pages adorned with over 150 illustrations, the English-language edition of Michele Bönan: Signature Details has just been released. Its dimensions of 10.2 W in x 13 L in x 1.5 D in, along with a linen hardcover, exude sophistication and quality. Published by Assouline, this masterpiece is priced at $105. This compilation not only serves as a homage to Michele Bönan’s genius but also as an inspiration to all those seeking to elevate their spaces with timeless elegance and innovative design.

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