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Assouline 'Bauhaus Style'

Assouline’s ‘Bauhaus Style’ Is A Coffee Table Book For The Modern Home

A 288-page hardcover showcasing inspiring text and images that embody the Bauhaus style.

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Assouline is a company focused on everything chic and luxurious. However, its main focus has always been on books. The Paris-based brand supplies homes around the globe with more than 1,700 unique and contemporary titles. The modern library doesn’t have to house solely first editions; it can showcase a multitude of writers, designers, photographers, and artists, including those of today and tomorrow.

Assouline’s latest addition, Bauhaus Style, by Mateo Kries of the Vitra Design Museum, is an ideal piece to place on a bookshelf. Although it’s such an attraction, it will likely suit a coffee table better. This 288-page hardcover showcases more than 255 impactful illustrations and images from the past 100 years. Readers will dive into the inspiring world of Bauhaus, the groundbreaking German art school that reigned supreme in the art, architecture, style, and design realms from 1919-1933.

Bauhaus Style reveals the timelessness of the art school’s teachings, societal impacts, and artistic energy. The Bauhaus school shaped architecture, furniture design, and numerous other arts, and continues to do so today, nearly a century after students left its halls. Readers will find themselves flipping through the nearly 300 pages of intriguing photos and text, finding inspiration for modern and future projects. Bauhaus Style and numerous other books for the modern library are available now on the Assouline website.

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