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Men’s Society Whiskey Hangover kit

Prepare In Advance With The Men’s Society Whiskey Hangover Kit

Overindulged? The Whiskey Hangover Kit may be just the antidote.

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$ 33

Some of us enjoy a drink or two. And some of us periodically drink like there’s no tomorrow: ready and willing to go the extra mile for a bar crawl, birthday party, or simply a hearty celebration of the workweek’s end. Such imbibers are, naturally, intimately familiar with that reliably terrible bane we all know as the hangover, with its splitting headache, roiled stomach, and all-around punishing mix of regret, soul-searching, and general misery. Fortunately, the good folks over at Men’s Society, the boutique fella-oriented British design house, have come out with just the ticket for the occasional (or, ahem, semi-regular) over-indulger: the Men’s Society Whiskey Hangover Kit.

It’s a little package of thoughtfully chosen hangover essentials, each made from 100% all-natural ingredients. We’re talking some bubble-bath for an everything-aches soak, eye cream to remedy that put-through-the-ringer look, and—to combat the whole (possibly guilt-driven) toss-and-turn routine in bed after a night of boozing—an eye mask, earplugs, and some soothing pillow mist. The Men’s Society Whiskey Hangover Kit has gift material written all over it for those of us with a few dedicated party animals in our lives. And hey, let’s face it: maybe we are that dedicated party animal, in which case there’s no shame in gifting ourselves what might be considered a classy morning-after first-aid kit of sorts. Cheers!

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