MB&F Launches Its 20th Caliber And First Chronograph With The LM Sequential EVO Zirconium - IMBOLDN
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MB&F LM Sequential EVO

MB&F Launches Its 20th Caliber And First Chronograph With The LM Sequential EVO Zirconium

It took five years of R&D for this watch to become a reality.

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$ 180,000

In 2005, Max Büsser staged a revolt against traditional norms in the watchmaking industry. Founding MB&F with a group of like-minded legendary watchmakers, Büsser and his company continue to push the bounds of what is possible while reinterpreting classic watch design that surpasses other contemporary high-quality watches. The 44mm MB&F LM Sequential EVO Zirconium timepiece is the first-ever chronograph watch for MB&F. It is jam-packed with features surrounded by the brand’s typical artistic style and high-quality materials. MB&F collaborated with Stephen McDonnell on the new Legacy Machine Sequential EVO to address fundamental problems of regular chronographs – not least of which is the “flutter” of the chronograph seconds when activated (McDonnell placed the Chrono vertical clutch within the main gear train to achieve this).

What sets the MB&F LM Sequential EVO apart is its incorporation of two column-wheel chronographs and a groundbreaking “Twinverter” binary switch, allowing multiple timing modes including split-second and lap timer modes – a combination of two never seen before in any chronograph. Users can choose between an Independent Mode, which enables the measurement of multiple events, a Simultaneous Mode, which measures the duration of two events starting simultaneously, a Cumulative Mode, which measures individual durations of two separate events, or a Sequential Mode that functions as a lap mode for multiphase events. Further, the EVO case is zirconium and is water-resistant to 80 meters.

The watch features a rubber strap and has a FlexRing damping system. Although the watch has not been released yet, those interested can sign up for the waitlist. The MB&F LM Sequential EVO is available with either an orange or a black dial plate.

For another creation from MB&F, check out the Legacy Machine Perpetual Palladium.

MB&F LM Sequential EVO

MB&F LM Sequential EVO Zirconium

$ 180,000
  • Case Material: Zirconium
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Movement: Fully integrated dual chronograph system
  • Water Resistance: 80 meters