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Create A Race Course In Your Home With Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Hit the track with friends with your home as the backdrop.

$ 100

Celebrating Mario’s 35th Anniversary, Nintendo announces the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit with a new video demonstrating how players can transform their homes into Mario Kart courses. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit isn’t your typical video game, rather it’s an actual remote-controlled Mario Kart car that players control with their Nintendo Switch. The car has a camera mounted on it, and the feed is beamed to the player’s Switch, along with a layer of augmented reality images to turn the real world into a Mario Kart level.

Players customize courses in their homes by using the included gates, placing them around the furnishings in the room. Just how simple or complex the created courses are is completely up to the player. Further customize the courses by placing household objects around the course to add challenge. The course comes to life on-screen with a view from right behind the driver’s seat. In addition to the remote control Mario Kart Car, each set will include four course gates, a USB charging cable and game software which is digital and must be downloaded to play. A Nintendo Switch or Switch Light is required to play and must be bought separately. It is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 16th, but preorders are being taken now.