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Malle Moto Pannier-X

The Malle Moto Pannier-X, An Essential Piece of Motorcycle Luggage

Anchor the Moto Pannier-X to a motorcycle using the set of included anchor straps to prevent sideways and back and forth movement.

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Bringing the dusty, trail-hardened saddlebag into the 21st century is the Malle Moto Pannier-X. While the body has been crafted by hand in classic 12 oz waxed canvas, this bag is accented by a heartier 18 oz waxed canvas on the perimeter to ensure security and withstand the fiercest conditions. Assisted by an interior membrane and the Malle Hurricane Dry Bag, the Pannier-X is completely waterproof, keeping the interior protected from the dust and moisture of a long-distance ride. It comes equipped with a roll-top enclosure, as well as six interior pockets and two exterior pockets. Kept in place by military G-Hooks and secure webbing, this quick attachment modular Malle system can be added or removed in seconds and is compatible with all motorcycles.

The included double seat straps enable two panniers to mount on either side for the traditional saddlebag look. As the Pannier-X is meant to be worn horizontally, it can fit comfortably on many lower-riding motorcycles. Measuring in at twenty-two inches long and eleven inches high, it holds a volume of 22-26 liters for all of the necessary components of any hard travel.

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