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Makr’s H-Weld Two Wallet

Makr Drops The New H-Weld Two Wallet

This meticulously hand-sewn dual-pocket wallet holds cards and folded cash.

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$ 150

Founded in 2007, Makr is a design studio that brings high-quality, classic elements to soft leather goods offered to people around the world. Makr is defined by its details, adding minor components to make the most significant impact. Makr’s H-Weld Two Wallet is no different and offers consumers an innovative, sleek, and high-quality way to carry folded cash and credit cards.

The H-Weld Two Wallet features two pockets to carry cards and cash. The wallet design is made by folding soft, extremely thin leather. A further lamination process helps create a strong bond, resulting in a robust, durable, and long-lasting wallet. The H-Weld Two Wallet has a fully lined main compartment to keep cards safe and protected. A second pocket is lined with an “overlay” film. The Makr’s H-Weld Two Wallet has several applications and uses, but most prefer to keep folded cash in the main compartment, with the secondary pockets reserved for credit and debit cards. The H-Weld Two Wallet is hand-sewn and made in the United States. The wallet measures 4 inches x 2.95 inches, by a slim 0.2 inches thick and comes in several colors: Tan, Black, Chestnut, Madeira, Brown Latigo, and Smooth Moss.

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