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LUMIPOD Housing Module

LUMIPOD Housing Module

This prefabricated housing module is your comfy immersion into nature.

For people who need to feel a connection to nature but can’t give up all modern amenities, (and the cabin or cottage is just not enough!) the LUMIPOD is probably one of the best options you’ve got.

The LUMIPOD is a prefabricated housing module that uses curved glass for nearly 180 degrees of the construction. An individual “pod” is one room, such as a bedroom (and a closet) so you can have an amazing view of nature as the great outdoors literally surrounds you. It then opens up so you can walk freely in and out of the module.

The bedroom module does have a side area for stand-up shower and bathroom, so you don’t need to hike out to a second pod every so often. All the windows can be shaded instantly, should you want privacy. So if you have land and are looking to add minimal constructions but maximize your outdoor experience, the LUMIPOD Housing Module is your perfect solution.