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Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition

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If a spirit has taken 100 years to make, we wonder how many would feel completely comfortable consuming it without feeling the pressure of time. If such a thing existed, it would definitely demand a higher premium over a bottle you can purchase at your local liquor store. Introducing the Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition by Remy Martin, the special limited edition cognac comes in a special decanter and will fetch a price upwards of $17,000 per bottle. The cognac itself is a blend of 1,200 eau de vies aged between 40 to 100 years, highlighted by local notes and spices. Looks like money won’t necessarily guarantee purchase of these special bottles. According to Louis XIII brand manager Vincent Navarre, an order of 60 bottles from the UK and 100 bottles from China have been declined, suggesting that it is not whether you can afford the Louis XIII but rather whether you can appreciate it that matters more for the brand.