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Logitech CREATE

Logitech CREATE for iPad Pro

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With the introduction of the iPad Pro, Apple is taking a stab at a a market that has been dominated by the Microsoft Surface. People that are embedded within the Apple ecosystem now have a viable alternative to the Surface, combining the touch sensitive freedom of a tablet while also giving you a more traditional computing experience of a laptop. Having a stylus is also an added benefit to these devices, but don’t tell Apple we called it a stylus.

Although Apple has introduced its own keyboard/case for the iPad Pro, Logitech seems to be itching to share information about their forthcoming Logitech CREATE line of products for the iPad Pro. Logitech has made many attempts to be the bridge between the tablet and laptop experience, offering iPad cases that had a physical keyboard. This made the transition easier for some consumers that have become accustomed to laptops and felt uneasy about the on-screen keyboard on the tablet. The resulting designs were less streamlined, but offered more functionality and was favored by people in the business sector.

Logitech’s newest products for the iPad Pro seems to carry on this tradition, offering their “best iPad keyboard” with the CREATE. It also takes advantage of the new Smart Connector, so that the keyboard itself never needs to be charged separately. The magnetic connection also means that no pairing is needed between the two devices.

The Logitech CREATE is set to launch on the same day as the iPad Pro, so stay tuned for more details as we get closer to its launch date.