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ROLI Seaboard RISE

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Music creation is the ultimate expression of creative freedom, but for those of us that are without musical training, the tools we are given may have held us back. There’s a huge learning curve to master any instrument, while the instrument itself may have its own limitations as well. What if there was a tool that could cater to the way you wanted to express music, without the restrictions and limitations of an established instrument?

The ROLI Seaboard RISE may look like a keyboard that’s into latex fetish, but it’s actually a highly sophisticated and sensitive midi controller. It is a more portable version of the very capable but large Seaboard GRAND, but still packs the same key features as its big brother. Not only can you play notes on the predetermined piano keyboard, but different gestures and pressures can alter the sound in almost limitless ways. With the tip of your finger, you can alter the pitch, volume, notes, etc. The end result is an instrument that act like a piano, guitar, flute, or pretty much anything you can think of.

It may be hard to digest exactly what the device can do, which is why we suggest taking a look at the video above. We’re not exactly sure if it will make you understand what’s going on but it’s a mesmerizing demonstration of the Seaboard RISE’s capabilities.