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LIFT MacBook

LIFT for MacBook

A new way to utilize your MacBook, this case offers protection, mobility, and better ergonomics.

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People love to customize their MacBooks with accessories, stickers, and even cases. They all serve a purpose, from personalization, protection, mobility, better viewing angle, as well as better airflow, but each accessory only addresses one part of the story. Inspired by the innovative and sleek design of the MacBook, LIFT addresses all of the above issues without sacrificing the MacBook’s style and gives you a new way to use your MacBook.

First off, the adjustable height and flexible mobility turn your MacBook into a comfortable workstation, anytime, anywhere, while also giving your MacBook a new look with its covers. The convenient and sleek handle gives you a new way to carry your MacBook, while the adjustable typing height and viewing angle is more ergonomic and promotes better air circulation and cooling for your laptop. The case also offers scratch resistant protection and cover for your ports. For those investing in the new MacBook Pro, there’s also a version for that as well.