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LEGO Ideas The Globe

Explore The World With The LEGO Ideas Globe

The 2,585-piece globe has glow-in-the-dark tiles that display the names of continents and oceans.

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$ 200

There is no shortage of unique and interesting LEGO sets available today, from the Titanic to the Star Wars Republic Gunship to the Ford F-150 Raptor and many more. Now, though, LEGO is paying tribute to an iconic invention that has graced desks and mantle tops ever since mankind first began to branch out and explore the world. The LEGO Ideas The Globe is a 2,585-piece LEGO set that allows brick and navigation enthusiasts alike to build a fully-functional globe of planet earth. Since high-end LEGO sets such as The Globe are often used as decorative pieces once they are complete, a LEGO set that creates one of the most iconic decorative pieces in human history is only fitting.

To make the LEGO Ideas The Globe a truly conversation-worthy set, LEGO has outfitted this set with a number of interesting and eye-catching details, including glow-in-the-dark tiles for lighting up the globe’s oceans and continents, vintage-style ship and compass icons like those found on globes of old, and a “The Earth” nameplate that completes this set’s decorative appeal. The LEGO Ideas The Globe will be available for sale starting February 1, 2022, and is a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates LEGOs, travel and exploration, world history, or all of the above.

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