LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

Make Music (Literally) With The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

Pairing the 3,662-piece LEGO Ideas Grand Piano with the Powered App app brings the replica instrument to life by eliciting its sublime sound.

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$ 350

Few things set a stately ambiance as well as a grand piano. Each instrument is a work of art in its own right, carefully crafted by age-old principles to be worthy of performing the magnum opuses of musical geniuses. The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano offers builders insight into how intricate the instrument truly is with a 3,662-piece set that constructs a replica of these masterpieces of music. Not only does this addition to the LEGO Ideas line look the part, it plays it — literally. Each of the 25 keys in this grand piano replica connects to its own hammer and strikes the corresponding chord to elicit a musical note through the Powered Up app, giving life to this LEGO set.

LEGO consulted musicians in crafting the Ideas Grand Piano set to achieve attention to detail that imbues a sense of authenticity. Once completed, the LEGO set measures in at 8.5 inches high, 12 inches ride, and 13.5 inches deep. From the working keys to the opening top lid and fallboard, it hits all the marks of the real thing.