Lamborghini Sián

Lamborghini Sián

Lamborghini introduces its first hybrid, and we’re not sure if it’s any better for the environment. At least the paint is green.

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$ 3.6m

With the global automotive industry looking to other means of motivation to combat our growing carbon footprint, Lamborghini introduces the company’s first limited-production, hybrid supercar, the Lamborghini Sián. The new hybrid Lamborghini may not have green on its mind per se, other than the color of the vehicle in its marketing material. However, Ferrari having proven that hybrids can be sexy and that hybridization doesn’t come at the detriment of performance, Lamborghini’s first hybrid is surprising but not completely out of the blue. 

The Sián combines Lamborghini’s famed 6.5-liter V12 with a mild-hybrid system with a combined total output of 808 hp. The 34 hp electric motor is incorporated into the gearbox, aiding in better response and performance. Energy is stored via a super capacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery pack, keeping weight down while also being more powerful. 

Clearly based on the Aventador, Sián turns the outlandish-design dial to 11 with a sharper and more aggressive body. Y-shaped headlights and floating hexagonal tail lamps, combined with an engine bay that proudly displays its V12 betray Sián’s hybrid aspirations. 

Lamborghini will produce only 63 examples of the Sián, a nod to the founding year of the company. Unfortunately all 63 units have already been spoken for, with each guaranteed to be individually styled through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program.