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La Table Kineti Touch Screen Coffee Table

It’s taken a while to realize, but this is the connected coffee table for your living room you’ve been waiting for.

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When the world was first introduced to tablets and other touchscreen devices, we were promised touch screen coffee tables that could seamlessly bring this ’new’ technology into our living room. We saw videos of people laying their phones and cameras on to the surface and photos magically appearing on the tabletop. With a single swipe, the photos transferred into other devices or magically appeared on the big screen. It wowed and amazed us, thinking that our IKEA coffee table will soon be replaced by these.

Almost 9 years have passed, but our IKEA table still sits happily in the middle of our living room and most of our touch screen interactions have been limited to the smaller screens on our phones and tablets. However, the idea behind the touchscreen coffee table has been gestating for years and now has become a reality in the form of the La Table Kineti.

It’s very similar to the concepts that we have seen all those years ago and stays fairly true to it. The main goal of the design seems to focus on having a connected device that your friends and family can gather around and interact with in the living room, while keeping its design as living room friendly as possible. Running Windows 10, it takes advantage of the OS’s touchscreen capabilities while adding more flair, such as swiping up to share your images on your TV. It’s cantilevered design also allows the table top to be slanted, if you need a better viewing angle of the table. All in all, it’s a device that has taken close to a decade to realize from concept form, but for those that have been eagerly awaiting a more connected living room experience, the La Table Kineti delivers.