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New KTM Brabus 1300 R Is A Carbon Fiber Superbike Tuned By Brabus

Only 154 units will be built.

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$ 46,750+

The new KTM Brabus 1300 R is a prime example of two legends coming together to create something amazing. The bike is Brabus’s first endeavor into the motorcycle world. The limited-edition motorcycle is based on KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R Evo, its latest “naked bike.” Only 154 examples of the KTM Brabus 1300 R are scheduled to be built, and production numbers are split evenly among two color options: Magma Red and Signature Black.

Powering the Brabus 1300 R is KTM’s V-Twin 1,301cc engine producing 180-hp capable of sprinting from zero to 60 mph in 3.2-seconds. One notable standard feature is the Semi-Active Suspension Technology system which adapts to road surfaces to improve grip. In addition, Brabus touched nearly every aspect of the bike to make it a genuinely unique carbon-fiber trimmed speed machine. The heated seat, for example, is designed by Brabus interior specialists. Moreover, the handlebars, front brake, clutch lever, footpegs, and headlight mask are all done by Brabus. In addition to the bike’s Monoblock Z lightweight forged nine-spoke wheels and slip-on double-pipe exhaust, are also bespoke components by Brabus. According to the KTM website, all 154 units of the Brabus 1300 R have been pre-booked. However, there is always the hope of joining the waitlist in case one becomes available.

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