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Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey

Kitchen Toke Produces A CBD Superfood With Its Hemp Honey

Using bees that feed off of nectar and hemp, Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey offers a unique take on this kitchen staple.

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Kitchen Toke was founded in 2017 and produces the world’s only organic, full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp honey completely infused by bees. Joline Rivera, the founder of Kitchen Toke,set out with the aim of creating a honey/hemp product for those who would prefer not to smoke cannabis, but would consider trying it in food. The California bees used for the production of the honey feed off a combination of nectar and hemp to create this unique product. 

Honey is certainly known for its antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Combining it with hemp, believed to ease anxiety and induce sleep, will likely generate lots of interest in this distinctive honey. Kitchen Toke recommends a daily dose of the honey straight from a spoon or stirred into water to maintain health and wellness.