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Kalamazoo Undercounter Smoker Cabinet

A sleek and modern smoker for the most passionate home barbecue pitmasters.

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Barbecue. Just hearing the word gets most men excited and salivating over the thought of devouring smokey and tender meat prepared to perfection. Although there are a lot of grills and smokers in the market, for the style conscious chef and pitmasters, there hasn’t been a whole lot of options. Kalamazoo, makers of appliances for outdoor cooking, understands that not all pitmasters are willing to barbecue in something that looks makeshift or rough around the edges, and introduces the Kalamazoo Undercounter Smoker Cabinet, a sleek built-in smoker cabinet.

It’s capable of making traditional, live-fire American barbecue in a real smoker that feels right at home in the most beautiful and sophisticated outdoor kitchen designs. The insulated, gravity-fed design simplifies temperature control and delivers efficient heat. The 36-inches wide by 30-inches deep smoker is ready to devour a feast’s worth of meat, adding mouth-watering smokey goodness to your barbecue. Compatible with the Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen modular collection, this is one sleek way to smoke your barbecue to perfection at home.