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JUNYA WATANABE Man x Reigning Champ

JUNYA WATANABE Man x Reigning Champ Elevates Athleisure

Fusing avant-garde design with the unmatched functionality of sportswear.

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Japanese fashion designer Junya Watanabe has been making waves in the industry ever since he burst onto the scene in the 1980s. After working as a protégé of Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo in Paris, he’s since collaborated with international brands, including Carhartt, The North Face, and Nike.

His latest line of apparel, the Man x Reigning Champ, sees Watanabe continuing his line of “techno couture” designer clothes with a casual selection of sweatpants, hoodies, and T-shirts. The gray Watanabe sweatpants are emblazoned with a reproduction of Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic Girl With Hair Ribbon image, released in 1965 at the height of his fame. The second pair of sweatpants in the latest collection features his trademark “eYe” logo contrasting the jet black, premium handcrafted material.

This aesthetic is carried across to the Man x Reigning Champ hybrid hoodie, which delivers exceptional quality thanks to the ripstop elbow patches and flat locking side seams. The collection is rounded up with the Man x Reigning Champ t-shirt, this time with Watanabe’s “eYe” logo discreetly located on the back collar. For the finishing touch, the Reigning Champ Athletic Wear circular crest is emblazoned on the chest. Starting at $275, the pieces can be ordered on Reigning Champ’s website.

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