Jordan Delta SP

The Joran Delta SP Is Your New All-Day Sneaker

Though it’s iconic for gracing the hardwood, this pair of Jordans shifts its design to be tailored for casual, everyday use.

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The Jordan Delta SP merges classic craftsmanship with modern technology. Step into these sneakers and you’ll instantly feel the sublime comfort that only the cushion of a Nike React foam sole can provide —  a must for guys who are on their feet all day. The upper portion is made of breathable mesh, finished with a suede overlay, and is enhanced by subtle hand-drawn accents. The interior was carefully constructed to be seamless to ensure feet don’t touch anything but smooth padding.

Though it’s designed to be a casual sneaker, the Jordan Delta SP draws upon its basketball heritage. A herringbone pattern on the outsole provides traction that gives the sneaker an athletic dimension. Lightweight, ergonomic, and just plain comfortable, the Jordan Delta SP takes the best of this beloved brand and gives it a high-tech upgrade. When all those elements come together, comfort coalesces with the style of the Jordan brand to shine through in a pair of sneakers you can depend on every day.