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Copper Dice

Iron & Glory Copper Dice Set

The Iron & Glory Copper Dice Set is for gamers or non-gamers alike, from the craps table to your living room coffee table.

Just like a professional chef that carries their own knife set, or more relevantly a professional PC-gamer with their own mouse and keyboard, the Iron & Glory Copper Dice Set is for anyone serious about their game, whether it be craps or even a game of Monopoly. (Why not?)

It follows Iron & Glory’s mantra of making “tools and accessories for uncommon living,” with it’s polished copper and solid weight that should make for a strong impression — whether in your hands or as they hit the craps table or game board. Even if you’re not a gamer, the copper-finished dice should make for a great decorative piece on your desk or living room, reminding you that life is just a game, where you win some and you lose some.