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‘ino’s “Truffled Egg Toast”

Some weekends, when you just want to curl up into a ball and nurse that hangover from last night, there’s nothing better than some simple comfort food that is delicious in the mouth while hearty enough to soak up all the alcohol in your stomach. Although the ideal thing would be to head out with your friends to grab some Bloody Mary and brunch, staying at home may be the only option after a crazy night out.

That’s why we’d like to share our favorite comfort food that is simple yet effective, originally shared via Eater. The Truffled Egg Toast is a creation by Jason Denton, owner of ‘ino in the West Village. Although the restaurant has unfortunately closed, the recipe he shared with Eater back in 2013 is simple enough even for guys to recreate at home while maintaining that restaurant quality taste, thanks to the use of truffle oil.

So next time when you’re feeling ill after a night of heavy drinking, or even if you just want to impress that special someone with some great tasting breakfast, why not try this simple recipe? Just make sure that you have some truffle oil in your pantry as walking out to Whole Foods with a hangover may just kill the whole idea.