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HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop

The HP Chromebase 21.5 Is A Chrome OS PC For The Home

The Chromebase is an all-in-one desktop with a rotating screen.

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$ 210

The HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop is the result of an expanded Chrome OS ecosystem, providing versatility and mobility, which are in heightened demand in today’s hybrid world. HP has teamed up with Google to bring Chrome OS to its 21.5-inch Chromebase, an elegant all-in-one featuring a swiveling display, a conical speaker that doubles as the desktop’s floating stand, and a touchscreen. The latter is a feature that is not supported on any MacOS-powered computer to date.

The HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop is powered by Intel Core processors paired with up to 16GB of DRAM and up to 256GB of SSD storage. The biggest highlight of HP’s Chromebase is that it is designed for your home and can quickly be used for entertainment and productivity. Additionally, the screen can be rotated between portrait and landscape modes. The speaker stand also features Bang & Olufsen-tuned audio as well as a dual-array digital microphone to summon Google Assistant. To make things clean, all the ports — there are four USB-A ports and two USB-C ports — are located on the back of the speaker stand. HP includes a white wireless keyboard and mouse with the Chromebase.

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