Howler Brothers Mansfield Shirt

Meet Your New Summer Shirt

The Howler Brothers Mansfield Shirt sets the short-sleeve button apart from the pack with prints that shy away from the typical plaid look.

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$ 69

Stop asking if you look good in a shirt and pick up a shirt that actually looks good. The Howler Brothers Mansfield Shirt is a relaxed, comfortable, stylish button-down that is perfect for any casual or business-casual event. A single button pocket on the breast is perfect for storing glasses or just to break up the fabric and add in a stylish touch. Plus the short-sleeve design allows you to freely move your arms without punching up around the shoulders.

Tired of collars pulling away from the shirt, no matter how often you iron it? The Howler Brothers Mansfield Shirt features a button-down collar, so it always lays flat. There’s even a microfiber made for cleaning sunglasses attached at the hem, so instead of potentially scratching up your shades, you’ll have the perfect fabric to clean your sunglasses whenever you wear the shirt. The shirt comes in two different prints that sets it apart from the plain plaid pattern most short-sleeves have. The glades print comes in a shade of midnight blue or gulf while the gulf destinations print comes in a dark slate blue or vintage white colorway.