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House For a Porsche Collector

House For a Porsche Collector by Steven Harris Architects

One of the ultimate fantasies for men is having a personally curated garage filled with your most prized possessions. Whether your taste leans towards muscle cars or European exotics, having a fleet of vehicles at your disposal to drive or even just to look at might be that one thing that lets you know that life as been that much sweeter for you.

Designed by Steven Harris Architects, the owner of this fantastic house in San Diego has been fortunate enough to pursue his dreams, having collected a selection of vehicles. It’s a house that is as much for its occupants as it is for the owner’s impressive collection of vintage and modern Porsches. This custom house for a Porsche collector not only impresses with its garage, but also with the architecture and interior design of the home, with clean modern lines that still maintain a sense of comfort and coziness. We’re not sure what we’re more impressed with; the collection of Porsches or the house, but one thing is for sure and that’s how envious we are.