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Lost Explorer Travelers Balm

The Lost Explorer Travelers Balm

Traveling to an exotic location can be an exciting adventure. You get to see the world and meet new friends and experience new cultures, even if it may be within your home country. Despite all the excitement and fun ahead, seems like one of the pitfalls of modern travel is our mode of transportation. Unless you’re going to a close enough destination to take your own car, you’re most likely going to find yourself inside a giant metal tube of some sort, whether it’s by air or rail, filled with people and whatever pathogen they may be carrying.

Made from natural ingredients like olive fruit oil, lemon peel oil, and Shea nut butter to name a few, the Traveler Balm by The Lost Explorer is a protective shield of pure essential oils that can defend against the environmental assaults on your travels. Whether it’s on a plane, train, or even your daily commute if you take the subway to work (like many of us do in NYC), a small amount around the nostrils will help protect your health. It can also be applied to you lips, hands, neck, and chest if needed. So next time you find yourself sat next to a fellow passenger with a bit of a cough, relax in the knowledge that you’re health is in good hands.