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Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

The post-apocalyptic world seems to be a common setting amongst many new movies and games these days. Some could argue the lack of originality in the creative process in films and games, but we could also attribute it to the dwindling supply of natural resources, no real push to find a plausible solution, and even the weapons of mass destruction that everyone and their mothers seem to have these days. Maybe the movies and games are giving us a glimpse of what we should be readying ourselves for in the near future.

With the third-person action RPG game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games, which has just released a new gameplay trailer at the 2015 E3, we just might be able to get some virtual preparation for one of the many post-apocalyptic scenarios. In this case, the world has ended and a small group of survivors battle dinosaur-like robots that roam the Earth. The graphics are beautiful and the action is fluid and seamless, at least in the gameplay trailer. In the trailer, we see the machines being hunted by a female protagonist with several choices of arrows, much like what our ancestors would have done several thousands of years ago if our lands were filled with mechanical animals.

Archery may not be our first choice when it comes to fighting any kind of machine, but it is definitely a unique approach when it comes to post-apocalyptic weaponry. We will have to see how it translates into the actual gameplay when we get our hands on the game.