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Rezvani Beast

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It’s not a common sight to see an independent car manufacturer to make a strong first impression, but that is exactly what the California based Rezvani Motors have done with their rather fetching new car.

Aptly called Rezvani Beast, the car’s performance is rather beastly as well with a 500-hp 2.4-liter supercharged engine that propels the car to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds. If the lack of roof and shape was vaguely familiar to those eagle eyed among our readers, it is because the Beast is based on the track focused purebred Ariel Atom. Designed by Samir Sadikhov of the Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC Concept fame, seems like there’s no need to go into length about how and why the car looks the way it does.

This stunning piece of machinery can be yours from $165,000.