HMM Ballpoint

HMM Ballpoint

Ideal for prolonged handwriting sessions, designed to last a lifetime.

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$ 35

Reasonably priced for a finely designed and manufactured ballpoint pen, the HMM Ballpoint is composed of a lightweight milled aluminum alloy that allows it to tip the scales at just 22 grams while offering exceptional durability and functionality. Ideal for people who engage in prolonged handwriting sessions, the vibration polishing process through which this pen goes produces a pleasant, grippy texture.

The HMM Ballpoint also resists scratches and corrosion thanks to its distinctively beautiful and gracefully aging finish. The surface of the HMM Ballpoint Gunmetal model, in particular, is incredibly durable due to the military-grade anodizing process. It’s also available in raw and misty black finishes.

Whatever model you choose, you’ll get an elegant writing utensil that sports a practical dodecagonal barrel. Created to last a lifetime, this pen can be refilled with SCHMIDT P900M cartridges.