Left Field NYC x ButterScotch x Vanson ‘Aloha’ Commando 4.0 ‘Tropical Punch’

A classic leather motorcycle jacket with a little “tropical punch” on the inside.

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$ 975

You don’t have to ride from coast to coast to understand that motorcycle culture binds us all together as Americans. But if you want to ride from Left Field NYC’s headquarters in Queens to ButterScotch Motor & Bean’s headquarters in Long Beach, California, you can do so in the new Left Field NYC x ButterScotch x Vanson ‘Aloha’ Commando 4.0 ‘Tropical Punch.’

This iconic leather motorcycle jacket embodies classic design elements that stretch back to the “greaser” sensibilities of the 1950s. But the slim and streamlined silhouette of the Commando 4.0 is chicly modern. Plus, for a dash of pure fun, this jacket comes with a bright red interior deadstock lining that resembles a Hawaiian aloha shirt and more than puts the “tropical punch” in this jacket’s name. Cut and sewn by hand in the USA, the Commando 4.0 is exclusively available for presale through the Butterscotch website.