Golden Bear x ButterScotch

Golden Bear x ButterScotch Sukajan Bomber

This modern Japanese sukajan jacket without the bright colors and embellishments keeps the timeless silhouette of a bomber.

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$ 495

While collaborating on their recently released version of the classic bomber jacket, the premium sportswear company Golden Bear and the boutique menswear retailer ButterScotch agreed to strictly follow the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Both companies wisely recognized the bomber as a timeless classic with a straightforward silhouette that is best left untouched.

But the super-exclusive Golden Bear x ButterScotch Sukajan Bomber sets itself apart from pack in terms of sheer quality. Composed of weighty Japanese satin with a full satin interior lining, this jacket promises to feel amazing both inside and out. It also sports a soft-banded neck collar, leather-trimmed hand warmer pockets, and a two-way matte black zipper.

Although it’s made to resemble a contemporary fit Japanese sukajan jacket, the Sukajan Bomber features none of the bright colorways and embellishments that have traditionally defined the sukajan. In classic black, it remains true to the no-nonsense approach of the Golden Bear x ButterScotch collaboration.