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hiku Home Shopping Button

This device makes creating shopping lists easy and convenient.

It could be a sign of getting older, but we seem to always forget picking up at least one or two items from our weekly shopping. One week it would be the detergent, another it will be orange juice. Jotting down a shopping list whenever we’re reminded of what’s missing from our kitchen definitely helps, but seems like there has to be a smarter way.

The hiku Shopping Button makes shopping easy by keeping track of your shopping list. It scans barcodes and has voice recognition, so you can either scan the item you’re running low on to add to your shopping list or just simply tell it what you need. The hiku shopping list app will keep track of all your items, so you can have it with you when you’re at the store. Even better, you can connect your hiku to online stores as well, making online shopping even more convenient.