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Hennessy X.O x Kim Jones collection

Introducing The Hennessy X.O x Kim Jones Collection

The result of the collab is a sleek decanter, a limited-edition Hennessy X.O bottle, and the HNY Low sneakers.

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World-renowned fashion designer Kim Jones is heralded for the incredible impact he’s had on major fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior. His influence on the fashion industry and the way he revolutionized streetwear in the last two decades is nothing less than visionary.

Jones’s latest conquest is a limited edition cognac collection with Hennessy X.O along with a smart, casual sneaker to match. Inspired by haute couture and 20th-century decanters wrapped in wax paper, Jones designed a gradient-style cognac bottle with a dark amber hue at the bottom to represent the liquid. Then, as the eye is drawn upward, the bottle shifts to a warm bronze and highlights the Hennessy label. At the top of the bottle, the silver shimmer represents the crinkling parchment that was often used to store Hennessy cognac before being sold in stores.

As for the sneaker, dubbed the HNY Low, Jones created a nubuck leather footwear design that embodies the sleek aesthetic of the iconic cognac. Dark amber in color with reflective soles and laces, the HNY Low is both fashionable and practical for the modern-day consumer. From walks in the park to a formal evening, the HNY Low can accompany any look, from streetwear to high fashion.

A distinct nod to the heritage of Hennessy and high-fashion couture, the Hennessy X.O x Kim Jones collection is a rare gem that can not be missed. Consumers can shop the limited cognac couture collaboration on Hennessy’s website on March 17.

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