Halo Classic

Halo Classic Smart Home Security Device

This home security device combines luxury and style in an intelligent solution.

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Your home is your castle, and like any castle, you want to fortify it as much as possible to keep your treasured possessions safe and sound. In your endeavors, the Halo Classic Smart Home Security Device offers the world’s most beautiful, intelligent, and effortless system to keep your manor protected.

Unlike other clunky, obtrusive, and unattractive security systems, the Halo Classic flies under the radar to seamlessly blend in with your highly stylized home. You can actually pick and choose the style of Halo that best suits your decor for the ultimate in bespoke service. The Halo comes in three different finishes that look more like objects of art and luxury rather than a functional security device.

The Halo Classic streams to your chosen device so you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere. It is also wire-free and has an incredible battery life, going for up to six months before it needs to be charged. The Halo captures footage in bright 1080 pixel high-definition night vision, while it also includes temperature and humidity sensors and a built-in alarm with two-way talk for the ultimate in protection.

What makes the Halo Classic even smarter is its innovative image recognition technology feature which delivers intelligent notifications to your device. So instead of a blanket “motion detected” you’ll see “Joe and Susan are in the kitchen.” The smarter approach will help you decipher between false alarms, alerting the authorities to an actual emergency, or speaking through the device via the two-way talk function.