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Norlan Whisky Glass VAILD

Norlan Whisky Glass VAILD Black Edition

Already difficult to improve upon whiskey is that much better with this innovative set of glasses.

There are many, many things to love about whiskey, from the taste, to the heritage, to the overall image. For fans of this distinctive caramel-colored liquid, Norlan Glass has created the ultimate vessel to enhance its goodness.

Drawing inspiration from nature into a precise digitally crafted glass, Norlan has introduced the Black VAILD Edition of its famous vessel. The VAILD Edition was designed to create an exceptional blind nosing experience. An opaque black exterior hides the wonders that it conceals. It’s solid outer wall also creates an infinity mirror that captures stray photons making their way into the light and bounce them around like jelly beans into the pure and unblemished whiskey which is then reflected and refracted back in.

The VAILD Edition also playfully stimulates the aroma of the precious liquid within it, expanding on your olfactory receptors to deliver a more delicious, full-bodied experience. The shape of the glasses’ inner walls close as they rise only to flare out again so that they don’t interfere with the nose. The height and diameter of the glass direct aromas to your nose while simultaneously dispersing ethanol away from the face, enhancing the overall experience and taste of the beverage.

Optimal aeration is achieved through the VAILD Edition’s expertly developed protrusion which forms inside the glass. The design is based off of a study of mimicry. When whiskey is swirled around the glass it forms a standing wave shape which expands the surface to air ratio and rate of oxidization. This too decreases the amount of ethanol in the glass and results in the whiskey becoming more nuanced in flavor, a completely unique invention of the Norlan glass.