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Grovemade Walnut Pocket Knife

Inspired by classic Japanese Higonokami knives, this knife is a thing of beauty.

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Grovemade makes some interesting objects, ranging from unique wooden watches to tactile and substantial keyrings. Seems like whatever they set out to make, the end result is an item that is both premium and unique.

Inspird by classic Higonokami design — a type of Japanese friction folding knife that doesn’t have a locking mechanism — Grovemade has refined the pocket knife down to its simplest form. Going back to its inspirational roots, the Grovemade Walnut Pocket Knife uses friction and pressure from your thumb to stay in place during use. The body is built around a single-piece machined stainless steel core wrapped in domestic walnut, it’s a beautifully crafted utilitarian knife that is like nothing else.