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Grams28 112 AirPods Pro Cover

An Italian-Made Cover For Your AirPods Pro

The Grams28 112 AirPods Pro Cover comes in black, grey, and navy blue colorways and can be monogrammed for added personalization.

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$ 30

Iconic as they have become, the snow-white hue of most Apple gadgets can feel a little bland. Suiting them up in some genuine hand-crafted organic material is the mission of the Grams28 112 AirPods Pro Cover, which gives the carrying case for Apple’s wildly popular AirPods Pro an aesthetically appealing way to protect against the hazards of constant use whether it’s during workouts, phone calls, or other everyday tasks.

The cover is made in Italy from vegetable-tanned leather, displaying hand-stitched seams around a pouch that juxtaposes the techno-chic earbuds with a rustic, artisan-crafted feel. As it ages, the leather develops a lovely patina which also adds a refreshing contrast to the unchanging white of the AirPods Pro, which at best might earn some smudges and dings over time.

The cover — available in black, grey, and navy blue — boasts a bottom opening for the charging port as well as an optical light pipe hole so you can see your AirPods’ LED charging indicator anytime. You can even personalize the pouch with a monogram if you want to go get the whole nine out of everything Grams28 has to offer.