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Forj Thermoplastic Tape

Forj Thermoplastic Tape

The ultimate ace up your sleeve for unexpected repairs, this heat-activated tape bonds at a molecular level with 1000 lbs of tensile strength.

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$ 22

This isn’t your grandpa’s duct tape. Forj Thermoplastic Tape bills itself as the world’s strongest and most adaptable repair tape — and it lives up to the hype. Perfect for the outdoorsman and desk jockey alike, Forj can repair practically anything from office supplies to hiking gear.

It’s heat activated at 140 degrees Fahrenheit; all you need is hot water, a hair dryer, a heat gun, or any other source of heat. Just mold the tape into the shape you need, and watch it cool to a satisfying, hard-as-iron bond.

We’ve seen Forj tape used to repair eyeglasses, replace chain links, repair camping gear, and temporarily mend marine equipment. After it cools, Forj bonds to itself at a molecular level, boasting 1000 lbs of tensile strength. One tin contains 20 feet of 15/16″ tape.