Touché Synth Controller

Expressive E Touché Synth Controller

Let your fingertips explore and express like never before.

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If music is your thing, get your jam on with just the touch of your hands with the Expressive E Touché Synth Controller. Whether you’re a songwriter, DJ, or filmmaker who wants to make your own soundtracks for your videos, the Expressive E Touché is definitely an instrument that will take your creativity to the next level.

The Touché Synth Controller connects to your synthesizer and with the pressure of your fingertips on the high-quality mahogany wooden surface, allowing you to manipulate the sound from your keyboard. Easily increase the pressure, intensity, or speed of your touch to create various sound effects and rhythms. The companion software, called Lie, which features intuitive mapping, comes with 24 preset sounds you can control with the Expressive E Touché, in addition to hosting your own plugins.