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Meet Eilik, A Tiny Interactive Desktop Robot

Eilik can repeat what you say, even matching your lip movements.

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Eilik is a little interactive desktop robot that exhibits emotion and personality. Energize Lab is the innovative startup behind the Eilik Kickstarter campaign. The company says Eilik can achieve a higher level of emotional interaction with humans because of dynamic animations displayed on a 25 fps OLED screen. This little bot has four basic emotions: normal, happy, sad, and angry. Not only that, but each Eilik has a range of reactions and expressions to accompany each emotion.

Energize Lab also designed a new servo motor to make the bot’s arms and the body more flexible and agile. Additionally, touch sensors cover the bot’s head, belly, and bottom. Energize Lab says Eilik will laugh when it is tickled and get shy if someone touches its rear end. It is also ultra-sensitive to vibrations. The little bot can get dizzy or scared if it hits its head or there is a loud noise. And it is afraid of heights.

What’s more, Eilik has an evolving personality based on the treatment it receives and they will play together if there is another Eilik around. Energize Lab focuses on robotics technology like robot joints, control systems, servo motor, BLDC motor, and consumer robots. The company says they are committed to creating a robot with soul. If Elik is any indication, the team at Energize Lab is well on its way to reaching that goal.

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