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The transition from winter to spring is a tricky time where sartorial choices are concerned. It may be too warm for a thick winter coat, yet still cool enough that you need to wear a few layers. It may feel unbearably brisk in the morning before the day evolves into something far more comfortable. What’s the best way to deal with this all-too-common style conundrum? It begins by filling your closet with a few key pieces that will help bridge the gap during this uncertain period. Here’s what you need to handle the seasonal conversion like you know exactly what you’re doing.

Opt for Lighter Knits

It may still be sweater season despite the elevated temperatures. The truth is that it’s still just too chilly out there to get by in a windbreaker—save that for later in the season when the only thing you need to think about is a light breeze. What you need right now is a solid yet slightly lighter knit topper that you can throw on over your T-shirt.

Naturally, texture plays the most important role of all here. Something too thick may feel better during winter, but you can slip through those early days of the season in something that offers considerably more coverage than you might require later in spring. In other words, this is strictly a transitional sweater. This Club Monaco Colorblock Crewneck Sweater ($139.50) is constructed with lightweight cotton, offering both a soft hand and a striking look. When it does feel too cool to get by out there, throw a jacket on top and you’ll be ready for anything.

Try a Midweight Blazer

What about when you need to pull it together with a little more oomph? The casual sweater that passes muster at Sunday brunch may not be quite so acceptable in a more reserved environment. It’s good to have a midweight blazer on hand that you can slip over your dress shirts and long-sleeve tops to create a more polished and pulled together ensemble.

It helps to select something that’s versatile enough to wear with anything. The right blazer offers enough heft to keep you warm, but isn’t too heavy or bulky. Opt for a slim structure, which exudes a smart and streamlined quality that plays well with everything from jeans to dress pants. This Banana Republic Slim Italian Knit Blazer ($149) is a savvy pick you’ll reach for time and again all season long.

Layer a Breton Top

Layering is one of the most critical steps you can take for your comfort throughout those early days of the season. The beauty of a chic Breton stripe is that it feels decidedly more sophisticated than solid options, yet still offers a certain casual, everyday-appropriate sensibility about it.

Another bonus? Breton stripes look great with nearly everything in your closet. Wear it underneath a denim shirt and pair with chinos and sturdy boots for a relaxed weekend look, or try it beneath a blazer if you work in a creative atmosphere without a strict dress code. One to try: Comme des Garcons Play Striped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($134).

Zip Up Track Jackets

Always on trend, track jackets introduce a welcome retro touch to any closet. The look is fresh and sporty design its decades-only ownership of the quintessential casual look. This season brings about another key reason to add it to your own wardrobe: the newest iterations appear far more tailored thanks to key details, like eye-catching hardware and the ability to mix and match with greater ease.

The Neil Barrett Retro Zip-Front Track Jacket ($376) is a phenomenal example. All zipped up, it looks perfect with a pair of structured pants and smart shoes. But unzip it to reveal a sporty top underneath and it suddenly turns into a hyper-cool pull-on topper that helps you brave the elements while you run around town ticking items off your to-do list.

Slip Into Your Brogues

It might be a wee bit chilly out there, but boot season is well and truly over. Unless you live in a forever cold climate, you can put the toasty footwear away for now. While boots sometimes look right with certain outfits, you can achieve a similarly pulled together look with a pair of brogues. You can even opt for high-profile silhouettes if you favor the appearance of a boot.

Moreover, the brogue is exceptionally versatile. It’s perfect not just for the winter-to-spring fashion transition, but also for the day-to-evening and weekday-to-weekend shift. Wear it with your suit to the office, wear it on the weekend with jeans and a T-shirt, wear it after hours when you loosen up the tie and join friends for happy hour. Try a deep cognac hue in lieu of black or brown to shake things up a little bit. These Frye Graham Wingtips ($285.99) are the perfect fit.